Knowledge Weighs Nothing

by Justin Williams

knowledgeIn the event of a SHTF scenario, Emergency Preparedness is vital to your odds of survival, but nothing replaces adequate training. You can have all the gear and preps in the world, but if you are unable to defend those preps or survive without them you are setting yourself up for disaster. You can only store so much food, and carry so much gear, but knowledge weighs nothing.

There are a mass number of preppers and survivalist out there that have come to rely too much on their gear or supplies, and have very little true skill. I am a firm believer in being a “Jack of all trades”. As you establish your cache of supplies be sure to develop your skill set as well.

prepperAs you determine your survival plan, build your skill set around those needs, and have contingency plans. You can start by developing some basic survival skills, and then build off of that. If you plan to hunker down be sure you have had adequate firearms training, or if you plan to be mobile get some Escape and Evasion training. First aid and homesteading skills are also essential skills to add to your tool belt.

At Trail Blazer Survival School we offer a core set of training, but also offer a wide variety of options. Wilderness Survival, Navigation, Animal Processing, Primitive Tool Making, Trapping, Basic Tracking and Evasion, and many others. We can also build courses around your desired needs. We have professional certified instructors who have developed their skills over many years of training and countless hours of dirt time. Contact us today to get started with your training.  Harness the knowledge to survive.

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