Wilderness Survival Weekend

Date(s) - 04/04/2019 - 04/04/2020
All Day

Trail Blazer Survival Camp


Embark on an authentic survival experience with our qualified and experienced instructors.  This wilderness course is 100% hands-on; it is not just a class, it’s an experience.

Using a 10-item kit provided by Trail Blazer Survival School, participants will make their own shelter, procure their own food and water, make their own traps and more. Instructors will guide participants through each task, however, when the weekend is over, participants will have survived purely by their own hands and hard work.

Learn survival skills by actually surviving (under the watchful eyes of Trail Blazer’s instructors). If you are interested in a true survival experience that will equip you with knowledge and experience to live off the land, register below.

Participants will receive hands on experience in:

  • Kit Mentality and Survival Philosophy
  • How to asses survival priorities and risk assessment
  • Knife Fundamentals
  • Basic knots, and proper taught-line
  • Various sheltering methods
  • How to start a sustainable fire
  • How to procure and process safe drinking water
  • How to make  effective tools for hunting and defense
  • Basic Deadfall Trap and Snares
  • Modern survival rescue methods