Our apprenticeship is designed for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding and knowledge of wilderness survival, primitive living, and nature awareness in a supportive learning environment.

The Trail Blazer Survival School Apprentice Program is not your average apprenticeship.  Our system allows individuals to get the training of an intensive immersion program  without having to quit their job or leave their families.  Students can train at their own pace with weekly correspondence, monthly weekend training events,  student gatherings, and regular instructor interaction. In the end students will test out their skills with a week long Scout Survival Challenge.

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  • A program that fits real life schedules
  • A year long apprenticeship at your own pace
  • Personal hands-on dirt time
  • Weekend training events held once per month
  • Weekly correspondence assignments
  • Regular instructor interaction
  • Quarterly student gatherings
  • Bi-Monthly Rank Advancement Opportunities – (Novice to Scout)


  • 20% Discount on all other courses
  • 1 Free Workshop (available workshops)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Live video chat with instructors (When you need help or have a question)
  • Opportunity to work various events held by Trail Blazer Survival School
  • Future employment opportunities in the survival community

Core Wilderness Skills

  • Wilderness Survival – Philosophy, Fundamentals, Emergency Shelter – Fire – Water – Food – Rescue
  • Primitive Earth Skills – Native Ancestral Skills, Natural Shelters, Friction Fire, Cordage and Containers, Tools
  • Nature Awareness – Woodland Sensory Development, Stewardship, Rewilding, Nature Immersion
  • First Aid & Hygiene – Security, First Aid, Self Aid, Rescue, Hygiene
  • Tracker Hunter Gatherer – Track Identification, Tracking, Animal Habits and Habitats, Primitive Hunting and Trapping Techniques
  • Navigation – Map and Compass, No Compass Navigation, Pace Counting, Terrain Association
  • Ecology and Botony – Plant, Tree, Rock, and Animal Study – Edible and Medicinal Plants
  • Sustainable Living – Food storage, long term wilderness living,

Rank Advancement

All rank advancements require a written exam, journal pages, logged dirt time hours, video/photo submissions and skills competency tests.

Months Skill Level Color Rank Certification
1-2 Months Novice Blaze Orange Level 1 Apprentice
3-4 Months Beginner Tan Essential Wilderness Survival
5-6 Months Intermediate Green Level 2 Apprentice
7-8 Months Competent Navy Applied Wilderness Survival
9-10 Months Proficient  Red  Level 3 Apprentice
11-12 Months  Advanced  Brown  Advanced Wilderness Survival
 +12 Months  Scout  Black  Scout Survivalist

Students who successfully complete the year long apprenticeship as well as the 7 Day Scout Survival Challenge will be awarded the Scout Survivalist and Assistant Instructor Certifications.


There is no fee to apply, however, payment (or down payment) as detailed below is expected within two weeks of acceptance into the Apprentice Program. Cost: $1440

Payment Plans

Option #1 – Pay in full upon acceptance.  Receive 10% discount.  $1440 $1296

Option #2 –  Two payments of $720, with the first due upon acceptance.  The second payment will be due within 90 days.  A total of $1440.

Option #3 – Monthly Payment Plan: $399 down and $99 per month for the remaining 11 months.  A total of $1488.


The Apprenticeship takes place primarily at the Trail Blazer Survival School Camp – Union, South Carolina.  At times, we may travel to other close by locations as projects dictate or resources come available.

Click Here for Required Gear/Equipment

Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping others connect to the wilderness through outdoor education.  You will discover adventure and excitement as you embark on this journey.

Apply Now

Enrollment is open on a quarterly basis. Students accepted into the program will begin training at the start of the following quarter.  This a very limited program that requires a minimal one year commitment.  Applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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