Trail Blazer Survival School is the ultimate summer camp destination in the Greenville area. Drop your kid(s) off at our office in Simpsonville (Five Forks) where they will be transported to exciting places to learn new skills, and then be returned for you to pick up. Due to the nature of our training students must be 10 to 14 years of age.

Check out all our 2018 Summer camps below:

MINECRAFT    “Survival Mode”   (5 Day Camp 8 am to 3 pm)
June 18-22, 2018
$249    (10 Spaces Available)
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  • Minecraft “Survival Mode” is one of our most popular day camps.
  • Students will be given challenges based off the game to complete as they learn about wilderness survival.
  • Let your kids favorite game come to life for them, as they get outside to enjoy some outdoor fun.

Trailbound   (5 Day Camp 8 am to 3 pm)
June 25-29, 2018
$249 (11 Spaces Available)
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  • Trailbound is an exciting hiking and backpacking based day camp.
  • Students will adventure out every day on a new and exciting trail.
  • They will learn backpacking skills, backcountry survival, first aid, and numerous other useful skills.
  • They will also be exposed to amazing scenic views and beautiful waterfalls. Bring an extra change of clothes, because you’re gonna get wet!!

Recon   (5 Day Camp 8 am to 3 pm)
July 9-13, 2018
$249 (9 Spaces Available)
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  • This action-packed day camp is one your child won’t forget.
  • If they love playing spy, army men, or hide and seek then they will love this camp. Each day there will be new exciting missions and fun survival games.
  • They will learn about reconnaissance, covert communication, tracking, camouflage, evasion techniques, and danger awareness. We will also discuss stranger danger, abduction prevention, and bully management.

WATER’S EDGE   (5 Day Camp 8 am to 3 pm)
July 16-20, 2018
$249 (7 Spaces Available)

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  • Water’s Edge is a fisherman’s paradise. We will fish at 5 different lakes, and enjoy a day at the River with water fun.
  • We will learn about modern fishing techniques, survival fishing, primitive fishing, fish traps, water safety, water rescue, and much more.
  • We will also teach students to process out and cook their fish. This is one fish tale your child won’t want to miss.

HUNTER GATHERER   (5 Day Camp 8 am to 3 pm)
July 23-27, 2018
$249 (11 Spaces Available)
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  • Hunter Gatherer camp takes students back to the paleolithic days where man lived entirely off the land.
  • We will teach primitive hunting, trapping, foraging, and fishing, along with some fun modern hunting techniques.
  • We will also discuss hunter safety, tracking, plant identification, and history of the paleo period.

PRIMITIVE PATH   (5 Day Camp 8 am to 3 pm)
July 30-Aug 3, 2018
$249 (12 Spaces Available)
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  • Learn the ways of the natives at the Primitive Path Day Camp.
  • Embrace native heritage, and discover what life was like for the Native American.
  • Learn native american lore and skills such as, pottery, basketry, bow making, and primitive cooking.

FULL DRAW    (5 Day Camp 8 am to 3 pm)
Aug 6- 10, 2018
$249 (11 Spaces Available)
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  • Full Draw is a primitive archery camp where students will build their own bows.
  • We will teach them how to build a survival bow, a bamboo bow, and arrows.
  • They will learn about archery fundamentals, shooting form, range safety, hunter safety, and will get a chance to compete for “Top Shot.
  • Students will get to keep their bows and arrows.

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