Summer Camps


Trail Blazer Survival School is the ultimate summer camp destination in the Greenville area.  Drop your kid(s) off at our office in Simpsonville (Five Forks) where they will be transported to exciting places to learn new skills, and then be returned for you to pick up.  Due to the nature of our training students must be 10 years of age or older. The perfect Middle School Summer Camp and High School Summer Camp (Ages 10-16).

MINECRAFT “Survival Mode” Week 1


July 24-28, 2017 (5 Day Camp 7-6pm)

Minecraft “Survival Mode” is one of our most popular day camps.  Students will be given challenges based off the game to complete as they learn about wilderness survival.  Let your kids favorite game come to life for them, as they get outside to enjoy some outdoor fun.

7 Spaces Available. 


register hereCAMPCRAFT Week 4


June 26-30, 2017 (5 Day Camp 7-6pm)

Campcraft is an excellent summer day camp for students who are new to camping or even experienced campers.  They will learn how to camp, how to set up a tent, camp cooking, campfire safety, and much more.  We will also cover the outdoor code, outdoor ethics, and leave no trace.  We will make useful camp gadgets and other camp crafts.

Only 8 Spaces Available. Reserve Your Spot Today.

register hereGREEN THUMB Week 5


July 3-7, 2017 (4 Day Camp 7-6pm) CLOSED JULY 4th

Green Thumb is a fun and educational day camp that enables students to dive into the life of plants. They will enter the world of the Green Thumb, and come out future botanist. We will learn about plant identification, plant families, plant parts, and their uses. We will also do some gardening, and have some fun plant crafts and activities. By the end of the week, it is our goal that students can identify 50 edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants.

Only 9 Spaces Available. Reserve Your Spot Today.

register hereWATER’S EDGE Week 6


July 10-14, 2017 (5 Day Camp 7-6pm)

Water’s Edge is a fisherman’s paradise.  We will fish at 5 different lakes, and enjoy a day at the River with water fun.  We will learn about modern fishing techniques, survival fishing, primitive fishing, fish traps, water safety, water rescue, and much more.  We will also teach students to process out and cook their fish.  This is one fish tale your child won’t want to miss.

Only 3 Spaces Available. Reserve Your Spot Today.

register hereHUNTER GATHERER Week 7


July 17-21, 2017 (5 Day Camp 7-6pm)

Hunter Gatherer camp takes students back to the paleolithic days where man lived entirely off the land.  We will teach primitive hunting, trapping, foraging, and fishing, along with some fun modern hunting techniques.  We will also discuss hunter safety, tracking, plant identification, and history of the paleo period.

1 Space opened up, grab it before it’s gone!



$249    0 Spaces Available. This Week is Full.

July 31-August 4, 2017 (5 Day Camp 7-6pm)

Learn the ways of the natives at the Primitive Path Day Camp.  This insightful camp allows students to embrace native heritage, and discover what life was like for the Native American.  We will learn Indian lore, Native skills, hide tanning, pottery, basketry, bamboo bows, and primitive cooking.

FULL, No more campers can be accepted in this camp.

register hereFULL DRAW Week 10


August 7-11, 2017 (5 Day Camp 7-6pm)

Full Draw is a primitive archery camp where students will build their own bows.  We will teach them how to build a survival bow, a bamboo bow, and arrows.  They will learn about archery fundamentals, shooting form, range safety, hunter safety, and will get a chance to compete for “Top Shot.”  Students will get to keep their bows and arrows.

Only 3 Spaces Available. Reserve Your Spot Today.

REWILD  (Coming 2018)

Rewild is the ultimate natural science experience.  Students will learn about wilderness exploration, nature awareness, plant and animal study, and forestry science.  Also, we will have a week packed with fun Wild Games, and our Ropes Obstacle Course. “Coming Soon.”

Be sure to mark your calendars for this amazing camp coming Summer 2018!!