RECON Summer Day Camp

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Date(s) - 06/19/2017 - 06/23/2017
7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Trail Blazer Survival School Office



This action-packed day camp is one your child won’t forget.  If they love playing spy, army men, or hide and seek then they will love this camp.  Each day there will be new exciting missions and fun survival games.  They will learn about reconnaissance, covert communication, tracking, camouflage, evasion techniques, and danger awareness.  We will also discuss stranger danger, abduction prevention, and bully management.

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Drop off your child 7-8am at left side entrance of Park Place Children’s Center.  We will gather in the meeting room until 8am and leave by School Bus to the camp or other designated location(s).


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Monday: Survival 6

Campers learn the 6 survival concepts: Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, First Aid, and Rescue

Three skills before lunch, and three skills after.

Tuesday: Camouflage (Kids wear earth tones face paints.)

Campers learn concealment methods, face paint,  make camo outfits.

Hide and Sneak:  Confined to roped off area with highly visible tape.  Learn the “Fox Walk”

Wednesday: Tracking / Stealth Movement / Swim Day

Campers learn basic tracking skills.  At the river’s bank, we will practice tracking in the sand,  discuss animal movements, habits and habitats.  Campers will practice “Fox Walking.”

Game: A blindfolded camper will be placed in the center of a circle.  Campers practice Fox Walking up to a person in the center and clip on a clothes pin.  Campers will try this on different substrates (rocks, leaves, sand, etc.)  If the person in the middle hears them coming they point, and then that person is out.  Whoever gets their pin on the person in the middle moves on to the next round.

Thursday:  Recon

Campers put all their skills to the test.  Campers break up into two groups and have each group start at one point, and make their way to a designated area to collect recon info.  Campers will have walkie talkies to communicate back to the other group.  Their mission, should they accept it, is to collect enough info to determine who the bad guys are.  Leaders will act like they are the enemy searching for them.  Campers must move as to not be seen.  The two groups will regroup at a central relocation to share intel.  After lunch campers will play capture the flag.

Friday: Stranger Danger, Awareness Training, Abduction Prevention, and Bully Busting

Game: An area staged with props, campers will study it, and then turn around.  Leaders will remove some props and when campers turn back around they will identify what is missing.