MINECRAFT “Survival Mode” Summer Day Camp

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Date(s) - 06/11/2018 - 06/15/2018
7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Trail Blazer Survival School Office


Minecraft “Survival Mode” is one of our most popular day camps.  Students will be given challenges based off the game to complete as they learn about wilderness survival.  Let your kids favorite game come to life for them, as they get outside to enjoy some outdoor fun.

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Drop off your child 7:30-8am at the left side entrance of Park Place Children’s Center.  We will gather in the meeting room until 8 am and leave by School Bus to the camp or other designated location(s).


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Monday: Shelter Build Day:  In these games, campers will build log cabins, earth lodges and/or debris huts on a tarp.  Campers will do Survival Burritos using Tarp or Space Blankets pack full of newspaper and then roll up in it.  We will also do Scarecrowing (Using larger pants and jacket, campers will put on large clothes and then stuff with newspaper.)

Tuesday:  Fire Day

Campers learn fire building skills.  Campers will practice with flint and steel / fire piston / ferro rods / solar (high noon) / Steel wool / matches

Fire building challenge – Campers will get in for a challenge to be the first group to bring a bottled water to a boil.

Craft/Snack:  Make a pretzel fire:  Pretzels (different thicknesses), red hots, and marshmallows.

Wednesday:  Water Craft Day (In the game they use pots to get water.)

Campers learn to acquire water with a vegetation bag, and then how to build a charcoal water filter using bamboo containers.  Campers learn to make their own clay pots and carve a design into the pot using a stick.  After it dries out in the sun for a day they may paint them.  We will learn about the different sedimentary layers found in nature.  We will also learn about sip-wells.

Thursday: Food Procurement Day (In the game they either hunt rabbits, squirrel, or they fish for food.)

Campers will make minnow traps, practice throwing sticks at metal targets, learn primitive fishing, snares, and rolling pin deadfall trap.

Friday:  Navigation and Rescue

Campers learn basic navigation/Search & Rescue by learning about Ranger Beads, Hug a Tree, and how to build a group signal fire.  They will practice flagging, ground to air signals, and signal mirror with old CDs.  Teach how to write up a trip plan anytime you go somewhere.  They will also learn to Leave No Trace and the Outdoor Code.