Wilderness Survival Training can be the difference between life and death.

Our Survival Workshops are designed to give people who are unable to take a week or whole weekend off the opportunity to attend our Wilderness Survival Course for a partial day Saturday or Sunday.  These workshops consist of Sheltercraft, Firecraft, Water Procurement, Foodcraft, and Tools Class.

We host regular workshops every month to include survival basics,  wilderness self-aid, plant walks, herbal apothecary (medicine),  bowyer (bow building), camp cooking, navigation, escape and evasion, tracking, still-hunting, modern trapping, kayaking and canoeing, and numerous other workshops.  Check out our upcoming events or contact us to schedule a workshop.


Survival Knife Skills Workshop

$49.75  Book Now

September 2nd, 9am to noon

Survival Knife Skills Workshop

Learn basic methods of handling and using a knife. This workshop will help you develop skills to safely handle and properly maintain a knife, fashion bushcraft tools, and make cuts for creating traps.

3 to 4 hour class


Shelter, Knots, & Fire
(Maintaining Core Body Temp)

$49.75  Book Now

 September 2nd, 1 pm to 5 pm

Maintaining your core body temperature through clothing, shelter, and fire.  We will discuss heat principles and their importance, clothing choices, utilizing natural materials to develop shelters, the science of fire, making fire in the rain, and strategies for keeping a fire going all night long.  We will practice setting up a bombproof tarp, tieing vital knots for a tarp setup, and making a fire.

3-4 Hour Afternoon Class



Cookcraft3Camp Cooking

Learn primitive and pioneer cooking methods.

This course teaches you how to properly handle meat to avoid cross contamination, process wild game (fish/small animal), different cook methods to include: coal cooking, ash cakes, stone cooking, stone boiling, mud bake, cooking stands, dakota fire pit, dutch ovens, and much more.

1 & 2 Day Course Options


Learn to correctly read a map and compass, and terrain associate.

This course teaches the basics of navigation with and without a map.  We will go over map and compass reading, taking bearings, terrain association, pace counting, navigation techniques, natural navigation methods, and more.

1 Day Course / 2.5-3 Hour Evening Intro to Navigation Course


trapSurvival Trapping & Food Procurement

Learn modern and primitive trapping along with various other food procurement methods.

This course teaches you dozens of different primitive traps and trigger mechanisms. Students will learn how to use and build multiple hunting implements.  We will also cover how to cook wild game, and identify wild edibles.

1-3 Day Course



Learn to identify animal tracks and determine size, weight, and gate of an animal.

This course teaches you the principles of tracking to include, print identification, substrate analysis, animal habits and habitats, nature awareness, how to use a tracking stick, types of animal sign and how to distinguish them.

1 Day Course